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Social Justice Week in schools

Social Justice Week 2017 will run from 10-16 September this year and we invite our Catholic school communities to take up Pope Francis’ challenge to ‘weave bonds of belonging’ within our schools, our whānau, and within the wider communities to which our schools belong.

The title of the Social Justice Week education resources this year is, Weaving bonds of belonging: Knowing our neighbour. The resources aim to challenge all of us to take action in order to rebuild a sense of belonging and connection in our communities. 

Students will find that exercises as simple as ‘talking to your neighbour’ have a significant impact on increasing feelings of belonging and trust in our communities. 

All resources will be available online at the start of July. These include an interactive poster, background notes for teachers, classroom activity ideas, prayers, liturgies and connection cards. 

All Catholic schools in New Zealand will receive a resource pack at the end of term two to help them integrate Social Justice Week into their planning for term three.   

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