Caritas Challenge 2014


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Caritas Challenge

Photo: Adrian Heke

Caritas Challenge 2015 was held 27-28 March. This year the focus is on the Philippines and how to Build Back Better following natural disasters which have caused widespread destruction in the country.

Caritas Challenge 2014

What is the Caritas Challenge?

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The Caritas Challenge is an annual event aimed at schools and youth groups to build solidarity with those living in poverty or injustice. It offers hands-on experiences that are fun and informative, while raising funds.

During the Challenge youth are encouraged to undertake an activity for 24 hours that brings them closer to the living conditions of those less fortunate.

There are four themes: Move It  |  Live It  |  Sweat It  |  Stop It

In 2015 the Caritas Challenge was held 27-28 March.


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