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Caritas provides resources for educators, students, parishes, social justice advocates, researchers and for prayer.

Our resources support our mission to educate and inform people about the causes of poverty and injustice. They also promote reflection and action for a fair and just world.

Special resources are provided each year for Lent, Social Justice Week, Waitangi Day and the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants.

Our publications keep people up-to-date on development and justice issues, and provide specialist research on key topics. Submissions to government and other institutions are also online.


Smiles during Waitangi Day Mass at St Mary of the Angels, Wellington.


Caritas produces resources to help parishes for prayer, worship, reflection, discussion and action for social justice.

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Social Justice Week banner 2014

Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week 2014 ran from 14-20 September. This year's theme was Catholic social teaching (CST) we have illustrated seven principles of CST through video.

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A few of Caritas' publications.


Caritas publish a wide range of publications from regular newsletters to our Social Justice booklets.

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The seat of government in New Zealand, the Beehive.


Caritas makes submissions on matters before government and other decision makers. Our views are considered against the principles of Catholic social teaching, and the experience of the Catholic Church in working with the poor and vulnerable.

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Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in preparation for Easter. Lent 2015 begins on Ash Wednesday 18 February, and lasts until Holy Thursday 2 April. Download Caritas Lenten resources below.

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CST banner 2014

Catholic Social Teaching

Caritas draws inspiration for all its work from Catholic social teaching, a body of thought on social issues that has been developed by the Church over the past hundred years.

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Amar Jaloud and her son Adam are among 1.5 million Syrian refugees currently living in Lebanon.

Day of Prayer - Refugees and Migrants

A Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants is set aside each year to fall as close as possible to World Refugee Day on 20 June. Caritas prepares resources for this day on behalf of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.

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Te Whiti's memorial at Parihaka.

Remembering Parihaka

A resource booklet has been prepared on Parihaka –  a place of non-violent resistance in the 19th century that continues to inspire discussion and a collective response to injustice.

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