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Diocese of Daru-Kiunga

Enabling women to run their own sewing or cooking livelihood schemes to create income and thus have more decision making ability in their families and communities.

Livelihood Pilot Project for Women in Daru-Kiunga

The pilot project will fund 15 women from three villages to set up food or cooking livelihood schemes. This project will become the model for 11 other villages in the region. Participating women will develop a revolving fund so that others can set up livelihood schemes.

In PNG women are vulnerable. Their ability to earn income enables them to gain decreased dependence on their husbands and men and allows them to assert their rights at the household and community level.  Enabling women to earn income allows them to have greater decision-making ability in their family and community. 

This pilot project carries on from our capacity building programme which taught leadership and livelihood skills to 12 women’s groups in the Diocese of Daru-Kiunga where empowerment for women has been a goal.

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