Young people in the Eastern Highland Province, PNG.


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Papua New Guinea

Photo: Mercy Works

Caritas’ work in Papua New Guinea focuses on sustainable agriculture and disaster risk reduction. In this work we also seek to promote gender rights and HIV and AIDS awareness.

Young people in the Eastern Highland Province, PNG.

We continue a long standing relationship with Caritas Papua New Guinea and have worked on programmes that focused on improving livelihoods and protecting customary lands from large-scale palm oil plantations, logging and mining.

New Zealand primary children have also raised money to build new classrooms for Rulna in Papua New Guinea from 2007 to 2009. Read more here.

Read about the Kapo livelihood pilot project in Caritas Update No. 55 and One World Partnership Newletter No. 25.

Read about the HIV/AIDS response in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in Caritas Update No. 44.

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