A tapa group glueing pieces of tapa together to make a large cloth in Houma parish on the main island of Tongatapu.


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As a Pacific agency, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand considers our region a priority.

A tapa group glueing pieces of tapa together to make a large cloth in Houma parish on the main island of Tongatapu.

We aim to allocate 70 percent of our development funds to this region. Key development areas focus on:

  • livelihoods - sustainable agriculture and microfinance
  • climate change and environment
  • peace building and reconciliation
  • health issues including HIV and AIDS
  • supporting young people
  • land use and rights
  • gender issues

The Pacific region covers a vast area, encompassing diverse islands, climates, geographies and indigenous peoples. Caritas funds development programmes in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tonga. We also respond to natural disasters and civil emergencies in the region.


Young people in the Eastern Highland Province, PNG.

Papua New Guinea

Caritas’ work in Papua New Guinea focuses on sustainable agriculture and disaster risk reduction. In this work we also seek to promote gender rights and HIV and AIDS awareness.

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Principal Sr Maria Tevaga with students in the new science and home economics classroom at Sacred Heart school, Safotu.


Caritas has partnered with Caritas Samoa since it became a Caritas member in 2009. We supported Caritas Samoa's emergency response following the Pacific tsunami of 2009 and Cyclone Evan in 2012.

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Rose Tam a student at the St Peter's Rural Training Centre in Gizo, Solomon Islands working on an outboard motor.

Solomon Islands

In 2012, following consultations with local communities, Caritas began projects in two Solomon Island dioceses, those of Auki and Gizo, to address immediate needs such as clean water and education.

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Kalisi Fa'asolo and her granddaughter share a laugh in front of the site of their new chicken coop.


Caritas is assisting people to improve their own livelihoods and adapt to the effects of climate change in Tonga. We have been working with Caritas Tonga since 1999.

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