A refugee in Erbil, Iraq carrying water to the community kitchen in the Church of St John the Baptist.


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Photo: Alexander Buehler/Caritas

Caritas responds to emergencies around the world. We aim to save lives, reduce suffering, maintain human dignity, and meet people's basic needs – regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality.

A refugee in Erbil, Iraq carrying water to the community kitchen in the Church of St John the Baptist.

In emergencies, we respond to needs and requests of our development partners and through the Caritas Internationalis confederation.

Wherever a disaster occurs, one of our partners will be there, coordinating local people and supplies to provide an effective and efficient response.

Following an emergency we understand that you might want to send food or other goods, however aid organisations such as the Caritas network provide emergency bulk supplies quickly, which is the most effective way of helping people on the ground.


In the town of Sangachowk, Nepal some people starting to build their own temorary shelters following the April earthquake.

Nepal earthquake

Nepal has been hit by a second major earthquake measuring 7.3. We are in contact with Caritas staff on the ground (who are safe), and they are working to respond in areas that have reported landslides.

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Cyclone Pam Vanuatu01

Cyclone Pam - Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam was the largest cyclone to ever hit Vanuatu and caused devastation across the island nation. Caritas staff are working with the Diocesan Disaster Committee that has been established by the Diocese of Port Vila to help coordinate humanitarian relief and recovery work.

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Peace in the Middle East - Crisis in the Holy Land

Peace in the Middle East

Caritas launched the Peace in the Middle East campaign to support development programmes and provide humanitarian aid to those affecetd by the ongoing humanitarian crises in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine. 

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Typhoon Hagupit Response

Typhoon Hagupit

Typhoon Hagupit left 80% of homes destroyed in some areas and displaced thousands after the largest peacetime evacuation in Philippines history was organised prior to the typhoon making landfall on Saturday, December 6, 2014. Caritas is now helping people rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

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Flooding of the Matanaikau River, Honiara, Solomon Islands caused damage to houses.

Solomon Islands flooding April 2014

On the 4th of April, 2014 Solomon Islands experienced the worst flooding in its history. Flash floods resulted in 24 confirmed deaths, thousands of evacuees and destroyed homes, roads and infrastructure.

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Items like blankets, soap and jerry cans are essential for people in Internally Displaced Persons communities in South Sudan.

South Sudan conflict

Caritas is supporting work in South Sudan where our partners Caritas England and Wales (CAFOD) and Caritas South Sudan are helping people who have been displaced from their homes by civil conflict.

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Food aid in Samoa.

Pacific emergencies

Caritas provides humanitarian relief to our partners in the Pacific.

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Damage to properties caused by Cyclone Ian in Ha'apai.

Tonga – Tropical Cyclone Ian

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has pledged $40,000 and is taking donations in support of Caritas Tonga’s response to Tropical Cyclone Ian, which caused one death and extensive destruction in the Northern Ha’apai islands on Saturday 7 January.

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Indonesian villagers being evacuated after the Mt Merapi eruption.

Asian emergencies

In the last few years Caritas has provided emergency relief for Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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A boy in a preschool where Caritas distributed bedding.

Japan tsunami

In March 2011 an earthquake and tsunami killed 15,000 people and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. Caritas responded very quickly with food and support. Caritas Japan continue to work on the recovery.

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A woman carrying water at Ban Kwai/Nai Soi camp on the Thai Burma border

Long-term emergencies

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Outside one of the transitional shelters in Bela Jijal, Pakistan, with Abdullah on the right.

Abdullah's story

When Abdullah joined the staff of Catholic Relief Services in 2010, he had visions of assisting communities in his area. Little did he know that just a few months later it would be his family that needed help.

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A woman washing dishes outside her tent in Haiti.

Haiti earthquake

The Caritas network is expecting to be involved for five years in helping build a new Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 12 January 2010. The earthquake claimed more than 230,000 lives and affected 3 million people in one of the biggest disasters of recent times.

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