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Where we work


We are working with  vulnerable communities in Bamiyan Province  to improve food security through farming and nutrition education. The project focuses on fostering sustainable behaviour to address issues of food security.

Aotearoa New Zealand

Our work within New Zealand focuses on advocacy, education, development and prayer. We strive to make a real difference in the lives of people living with poverty and injustice in our country.


In Cambodia we run a programme which helps indigenous people improve their farming techniques and adapt their crops to a changing climate.


We support partners to educate communities about the negative impacts of mining and help them negotiate with mining companies. Caritas is also helping the Commission for Justice and Development (CJD) in Fiji with their long-term goal of creating a Caritas Fiji.

Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua

Helping communities, government and aid agencies work together to strengthen disaster risk reduction (DRR) strategies.


Caritas partners with the Diocese of Tarawa and Nauru through several small Catholic groups to deliver programmes focused on climate awareness and youth leadership, training for women, developing sustainable livelihoods and agricultural training for youth.


We work with farmers to develop livelihoods, food security and sustainable economies for their communities, and continue to provide support for those affected by the major earthquakes.


We support health education in the West Bank and Gaza where it can be difficult to get medical attention due to poverty, travel restrictions, and checkpoints in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Papua New Guinea

Caritas’ work in Papua New Guinea focuses on sustainable livelihoods, improving health, disaster preparedness and education.


The Caritas programme in Peru is working to improve family relationships and reduce domestic violence.


The Philippines are particularly vulnerable to typhoons and Caritas provides emergency relief when they hit. We also work with rural communities to develop sustainable and climate-resilient livelihoods.

Solomon Islands

Caritas works with both Church and community partners in Solomon Islands to respond to key needs across the Education sector, as well as water and sanitation needs.

South Sudan

Caritas is working with our partners in South Sudan supporting people who have been displaced from their homes by civil conflict.


Caritas continues to provide emergency relief in Darfur and Nuba through our partners on the ground. We have supported this programme for more than a decade.


In Timor Leste we focus on building capacity for livelihoods and women's enterprise, as well as providing information to rural areas through radio.


Caritas is assisting people to improve their own livelihoods and adapt to the effects of climate change in Tonga. We have been working with Caritas Tonga since 1999.


Following Tropical Cyclone Pam, Caritas worked with the Diocese of Port Vila to provide shelter and food to those in need. We are continuing to work with our partners to help people rebuild.

West Papua

In West Papua we work with the Justice and Peace offices of the five Catholic dioceses (the SKP network) advocating on issues of human rights and environmental protection.

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