HAFOTI members make coconut milk for sale.


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Timor Leste

In Timor Leste we focus on building capacity for livelihoods and women's enterprise, as well as providing information to rural areas through radio.

HAFOTI members make coconut milk for sale.

Income Generation and Small Business Enterprise for Timorese Women 

Hamahon Feto Timor (HAFOTI) is a women's livelihood organisation which provides training, marketing opportunities and revolving loans to rural women in order to generate income for them.

Its 187 members produce quality goods such as virgin coconut oil, banana chips and local handicrafts for sale in their shop in Dili, supermarkets and trade fairs. Members have gone from having irregular income through subsistence agriculture to having regular income. We have worked with HAFOTI since 2004 and in the last nine years it has grown from a self-managed community based organisation to a well-regarded professional organisation. 

Community Awareness Radio Timor Kmanek  

We have supported Radio Timor Kmanek to provide information, civic education, cultural promotion and musical entertainment to people in rural areas since 2008. People are informed and encouraged about their rights and duties, social responsibility and participation in the nation-building process. Community participation is high, many people can interact with a talk back programme via text messaging.

The radio station plays a vital part in getting news to remote rural areas in a country where most people do not have television. A programme which explained and discussed the constitution won an award

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