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In Cambodia we run a programme which helps indigenous people improve their farming techniques and adapt their crops to a changing climate.

Promoting Health and Economic Development for Indigenous Communities in Cambodia (PHEDICC)

We have worked with Development and Partnership in Action (DPA) since 2001 and we are working with them to organise small-scale farmers’ cooperatives in 26 provincial villages in eastern Cambodia.

Farmers are being assisted to improve the quality and quantity of their crops for personal consumption or sale. Some of the larger groups have been assisted to buy rice milling machines, which allow them to add value to their produce. Members of one group estimate this has saved them over $13,000 in the last year alone.

The project works with small-scale farmers growing rice, maize, soya bean, cassava, vegetables and fruits for consumption and sale. Farmers work together to attain a more efficient system of sales and distribution, and the goal of the programme is to form 96 agriculture groups and to support 3,102 households.

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