A co-operative member tends a plant that will be used for animal fodder in Phuranchaour Village, Kaski, Nepal.


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Vulnerable communities are at the heart of Caritas’ integrated community development work in Asia. Our work is defined by the people’s own needs in agriculture, forestry, income-generating projects, and access to clean water, information and community health care. Such work benefits the economic and overall well-being of the people.

A co-operative member tends a plant that will be used for animal fodder in Phuranchaour Village, Kaski, Nepal.

We work with partners in Nepal in South Asia, and Cambodia, Timor Leste and West Papua in South-East Asia, Afghanistan in Central Asia and Palestine in the Middle-East.

Our programmes address food security; small business development to assist family incomes; sustainable farming methods; business management and accounting; soil and water conservation and development, health clinics and training in health; education; clean drinking water; land rights; advocacy; environment and climate change, including adaptation and mitigation; and indigenous peoples rights.

Caritas also supports human rights efforts, inter-faith dialogue and peace building, local NGOs, community leadership, addressing gender imbalance, disaster risk reduction and movements for democratic change.


Bamyan Province, Afghanistan.


Our Afghan programme offers an integrated approach to agriculture and soil and water conservation. The programme will bolster local decision-making structures to support the ongoing development of the people.

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Cambodia programme


In Cambodia we run a programme which helps indigenous people improve their farming techniques and adapt their crops to a changing climate.

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Caritas Nepal staff check a co-operative member’s farming records with him in Phuranchaour Village, Kaski, Nepal.


We support farmers in Western Nepal to develop strong small farming and agro-business co-operatives. This helps to ensure livelihoods, food security and sustainable economies for communities.

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Students at Shuqba Girls School, West Bank, Palestine.


We support health education in the West Bank and Gaza where it can be difficult to get medical attention due to poverty, travel restrictions, and checkpoints in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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HAFOTI members make coconut milk for sale.

Timor Leste

In Timor Leste we focus on building capacity for livelihoods and women's enterprise, as well as providing information to rural areas through radio.

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