Maasai women in Tanzania.


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In Africa, Caritas’ development partners are focused on building sustainable livelihoods and promoting human rights. We currently support development work in Kenya and Tanzania and have a long-term commitment to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. We also respond to humanitarian disasters as they occur around the continent.

Maasai women in Tanzania.

Sustainable livelihoods help communities become independent and self-sufficient. Skills and knowledge are used to generate income while keeping responsible stewardship of the environment and resources.

In our human rights work, current projects aim to preserve the human dignity of vulnerable ethnic groups, women and people affected by HIV and AIDS. Work includes protecting and securing ownership to ancestral land, and supporting education, literacy training and healthcare.


Children at Chiga Parish school.


Caritas has worked with Chiga Parish in western Kenya since 2006 to support children who have lost their parents to HIV and AIDS and their guardians.

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CORDS supports women's small businesses like jewellery making.


We have been working with Community Research and Development Services (CORDS) since 2002. They are a Maasai organisation working among Maasai pastoralist communities in northern Tanzania.

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