A man contemplating the destruction caused by Typhoon Bopha which hit the Philippines in December 2012.


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Asian emergencies

In the last few years Caritas has provided emergency relief for major typhoons in the Philippines as well as the Japan tsunami and flooding in Pakistan.

A man contemplating the destruction caused by Typhoon Bopha which hit the Philippines in December 2012.

Typhoon Hagupit, Philippines 2014

Typhoon Hagupit left 80% of homes destroyed in some areas and displaced thousands. The evacuation organised prior to the typhoon making landfall on Saturday, December 6, 2014, was the largest peacetime evacuation in Philippines historyCaritas stockpiled and distributed essential supplies, provided updates to areas in the path of the typhoon and joined with other NGOs and local authorities to help organise the evacuation of more than a million people from dangerous areas. 

Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan, struck central Philippines on 8 November 2013, affecting more than 13 million people. It was the largest storm to make landfall in living history and more than 5,000 died. Caritas continues to assist in the long-term recovery as well as preparedness for future typhoons. Caritas with help from donors and the New Zealand Government gave over a million dollars to the relief effort.

Typhoon Bopha, Philippines 2012

Caritas assisted the relief effort following Typhoon Bopha which hit Mindinao in December 2012. 310 people died and and 160,000 were evacuated. One of the initial Caritas responses was to provide people with rice and non-food items, transitional shelters that had been set up following a previous storm withstood the typhoon.

Your support for the Philippines is still needed

To help people in the Philippines rebuild as well as prepare for future emergencies please donate to our PHILIPPINES EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND.

Tsunami, Japan 2011

In March 2011 an earthquake and tsunami killed 15,000 people and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. Caritas responded very quickly with food and support. They cooked hot food for the residents, encouraging them to mingle at the barbecues and get to know their neighbours, because isolation was a major problem following the disaster.

Flood relief, Pakistan 2010 and 2011

Caritas supported the supply of food, water, health services, shelter, and infrastructure repairs after the worst floods in 80 years in 2010. Then in 2011 The Caritas network supported families caught in renewed flooding in Pakistan's southeast and north. Read a case study here.

Cyclone Giri, Burma (Myanmar) October 2010

In October 2010, Cyclone Giri left more than 70,000 people homeless in western Burma. Caritas provided basic food and survival items to 1,250 households, and helped a further 1,000 households with construction materials for rebuilding homes.





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