Large dove peace lamp.


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Peace Lamps for the Holy Land

Peace Lamps for the Holy Land is a project of Caritas Jerusalem to promote prayer and solidarity for peace in the Holy Land. The lamps also provide employment and income for Palestinian people in the West Bank.

Large dove peace lamp.

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has Peace Lamps available for sale within New Zealand. 

Lamps in the form of a dove (below) come in two sizes: small (15 cm x 6 cm) and large (22 x 12 cm). A lamp in the form of a a traditional oil lamp or candeel (left) is also available ONLY in the large size.  

Each lamp comes with an explanation of the project, a Prayer for the Holy Land, and olive oil (for burning) produced in the Holy Land. Additional olive oil can be purchased from Caritas.

Supporting employment in Taybeh

Production of the lamps and olive oil supports community-based employment in the predominantly Christian town of Taybeh in the West Bank.  

Twenty percent of the purchase price of the lamps from Caritas Jerusalem supports employment programmes in the Holy Land. Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand seeks only to cover costs of importing and distributing the lamps within New Zealand. Read more about the Taybeh project here.

Prices (including GST)



Dove – small


Dove – large


Traditional Oil Lamp – large


If you wish to purchase a lamp, please contact us, indicating the number, size and style of lamp you would like. Include Peace Lamps for the Holy Land in the subject line.

Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land.

Read about our partnership for healthcare with Caritas Jerusalem.




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