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Photo: Mercy Works
Women in PNG.

AIDS is to be combated by realistically facing its deeper causes
and the sick are to be given the loving care they need.
- Pope Benedict XVI, homily at the Neue Messe, Munich , Sunday, 10 September 2006

The HIV and AIDS epidemic is a global emergency affecting people in every country. It has killed 25 million people since 1981. The United Nations estimates that there are 30-36 million current cases around the world. However, there has been a significant decrease since 2001 partly due to the impact of HIV programmes

Addressing the causes

At the root of many of the problems are:

  • ignorance of the facts about AIDS
  • stigma and discrimination which cuts people off from family, communities and work
  • poverty, which makes people more vulnerable and prevents access to treatment.

The epidemic is one of the biggest threats to human development, because HIV and AIDS are both a cause of poverty and a reflection of poverty.

That is why we try to ensure that there is an element of HIV and AIDS prevention, care or treatment in all our development and humanitarian programmes where possible. Partners that we are specifically supporting in HIV and AIDS work include:

Kenya – Chiga Parish

The Church and HIV/AIDS

In response to God's love for all of humanity, shown by Jesus' own response to the most vulnerable in his community, the Church is called to model acceptance for all and to ensure that all receive support and care.

It is estimated that, of all the centres around the world that treat people infected with HIV or AIDS, 26.7 percent are Catholic-based.

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