Prison security, Wellington.


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Criminal justice and reconciliation

Photo: Adrian Heke

Caritas advocates for a criminal justice system which fosters reconciliation.

Prison security, Wellington.

'All of us… are called to find paths to a justice system which reconciles; which rejects attitudes of revenge; which helps victims to heal and offenders to turn their lives around.'
- New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, 2009

In the context of an increasingly vengeful and punitive approach towards prisoners and our criminal justice system, Caritas advocates for a criminal justice system that promotes repentance, reconciliation and restoration for wrongs committed.  This is not an easy or soft approach, but provides more hope for healing and restoration for victims, and to enable offenders to turn their lives around, than our current criminal justice system.

Caritas writes submissions on changes to the justice system, and works with like-minded organisations to promote a more fair and compassionate justice system.




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