Writing a letter is a great way to take action.


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Write a letter

Letter writing is a way of getting your voice heard by those in positions of power. For instance you can write to a Member of Parliament, Minister or the Prime Minister. Or you may want to take up something with a foreign government, international organisation or a company.

Writing a letter is a great way to take action.

Writing letters shows that people care and are watching those with power. It holds governments and people in authority accountable.

When you write your letters, make sure you:

  • Are polite – you are trying to engage the person on an issue, not antagonise them.
  • Describe why the issue is important to you and/or your community.
  • State what you would like the person to do about the issue.
  • Keep your letter short – one side of an A4 page is plenty.
  • Sign the letter, and write your name and address clearly so the person receiving it can reply.

Download our letter writing guidelines

Find out who your MP is, or the appropriate Minister to write to on a particular issue.

The address for parliament (no stamp required) is:

    Full name and address of politician  
    Freepost Parliament
    PO Box 18888




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