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Submission on Children's Employment Consultation 2010


  • Caritas welcomes both the website and research report as a significant step forward on children's employment issues.
  • The website contains good information, which is useful for parents, enployers and older teenage workers under 18. However, vocabulary and content would need further simplification for younger workers, such as 11-12 year old leaflet delivery workers.
  • The research report provides the most comprehensive summary to date of available information about children's employment in New Zealand, Some points require further clarification:
    • New Zealand's UNCROC reservation concerning a minimum age of employment
    • A comparison of what is known of working children's health and safety concerns and accident rates with what is considered acceptable in adult employment
    • Information from the Department of Labour's own data, observations and monitoring.
  • Caritas is supportive of the priority research areas, in particular areas 5 and 6: focus groups and qualitative field work, particularly relating to work-related health risks.

See also the 2006 submission on the abolition of the youth minimum wage.

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