The Catholic Agency for Justice, Peace and Development

Submission on Budget Policy Statement 2009


  • In a time of economic downturn, the key principle to remember is that the way a society treats its most vulnerable members is the measure of how just or unjust is that society.
  • We support in principle the transitional relief package intended to support those being made redundant. However, such measures are an admission that the welfare “safety net” no longer adequately supports many New Zealanders in their time of need. 
  • As in 2008, we continue to ask that any tax cuts are passed on in their entirety to all New Zealand taxpayers, including beneficiaries and superannuitants.  Not to do so would only further exacerbate inequalities.
  • While the economic downturn may focus New Zealanders on their own financial wellbeing, Caritas continues to see the importance of being a global citizen.  New Zealand must maintain and enhance its commitment to international aid and development, both for the sake of our neighbours and also for our own continued security and wellbeing.

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