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2010 Cultural Diversity

The Social Justice Week 2010 resource for schools No Longer Strangers: recognising our cultural diversity was originally supplied on CD-ROM. You can now access it online here, or order a CD.

No longer strangers: recognising our cultural diversity

A resource for teachers and students Years 1-13

Click on the blue links to access material. If you would like a CD version, use our online order form or phone 0800 22 10 22.


Teacher Information

Ideas for professional development
Deepen your knowledge
Catholic social teaching
Scripture stories
New Zealand Diversity Action Programme
No longer strangers
Your people will be my people - summary (powerpoint)

Tuia i te muka here tangata: stitch them with
the fibre that alone can knit people together.

Schools Ideas

A tapestry of ideas

All Levels

Two activities during Social Justice Week

Primary Years 1-8

Years 1-2

Scripture story: the Good Neighbour
How I can be a good neighbour
How do we welcome people?
Where am I from?
Karakia – Prayer


Years 3-4

Scripture story: the Good Neighbour
Create a poster
Making and keeping friends
Learning about difference through storytelling
Karakia - Prayer


Years 5-6

Scripture story: the Good Samaritan
Storytelling - the weaving of thoughts
Building strong friendships
Where am I from?
Karakia - prayer


Years 7-8

Scripture story: Pentecost
What is the Good News
About respect
My Belonging Place
Karakia - Prayer


Secondary Years 9-13

Years 9-10

Scripture story: Pentecost
What is the Good News?
New Zealand Peoples Quiz
Details of difference
Storytelling creates a patterned fabric
My tūrangawaewae

Years 11-13

Scripture story: Pentecost
What is the Good News?
What is culture?
Contrasting threads
What are people talking about?
Mini inquiry
The Treaty belongs to all of us
Taking social action


Primary: We are all God's people
Secondary: Peace among nations


i   Table: Authority of the Treaty
ii  Storytelling in three sessions
iii  Developing a Global Ethic
iv  Mihi Whakatau – Formal welcomes
v   Māori placenames
vi  Template: World map
vii  Acknowledgments
viii Problem Tree template
ix  Cultural panorama tree
x   Feels familiar diagram
xi Poster





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