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2009 Restorative Justice

The Social Justice Week 2009 resource for schools The Courage to Forgive was originally supplied on CD-ROM. You can now access it online here, or order a CD.

The courage to forgive

A resource for teachers and students

Click on the blue links to access material. If you would like a CD version, use our online order form or phone 0800 22 10 22.

Teacher Information

Ideas for teacher professional development
Stories from Scripture
Common terms
Case Study: St Columba's
Case Study: St Thomas of Canterbury

Primary Years 1-8

Years 1-2

Scripture story: The watcher from the tree
I did it, I'm sorry!

Years 3-4

Scripture story: Four friends find a way
God's love is perfect and forever
What happens when you find words of forgiveness
Kindness cards

Years 5-6

Scripture stories: Peter denies Jesus & Peter and Jesus by the sea
Situations that need forgiveness
Create a mandala
Seven ways to be forgiving

Years 7-8

Scriptiure story: Jesus is crucified with two thieves
Compose a prayer
When someone pushes your 'anger button'
Strive to be forgiving

Secondary Years 9-13

Years 9-10

Scripture story: The forgiving father
Reflect on forgiveness
Famous peacemakers


Primary: Our forgiving God
Secondary: The courage to forgive


Years 11-13

Scripture story: The unforgiving servant
A justice that reconciles
Mercy and justice
Caritas involved in peacebuilding


Reflection on forgiveness




Info & Resources


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