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2008 Poverty in New Zealand

The Social Justice Week 2008 resource for schools See the need: poverty in New Zealand was originally supplied on CD-ROM. You can now access it online here, or order a CD.

See the need: a resource for teachers and studentsSJW poster 2008

Click on the blue links to access material. If you would like a CD version, use our online order form or phone 0800 22 10 22.

Teacher Information

Beatitudes for teachers
Beatitudes for teachers
Catholic social teaching for students
Other social justice topics
Care, share, fair: primary (powerpoint)
Open space questions
Social justice and social service
Teacher’s notes
Team meeting notes

All levels

Our class korowai - cloak

Primary years 1-8

Years 1-2
We carry on the work of Jesus in the world
How we show manaakitanga
Signs that God is with us
What is fair?

Years 3-4
Sharing in the work of Jesus
Where does the money go?
Need or want?
Serving the people

Years 5-6
Our gifts of serving and sharing - tika, pono, aroha
Sharing the wealth
What do people do these days to share their wealth?
Two stories about children's work
No matter how unimportant they seemed

Years 7-8
An invitation for today
The Beatitudes today
Celebrate these blessings
Why are there poor people?
What does poverty mean?
Make a 'my-Be-Attitude' chart

Secondary Years 9-13

Years 9-11 - overview
Years 9-11 - unit 1
Years 9-11 - unit 2
Years 9-11 - unit 3
Years 9-11 - unit 4

Years 12-13 - overview
Years 12-13 - unit 1
Years 12-13 - unit 2
Years 12-13 - unit 3


Class liturgy year 1-4
Class liturgy year 5-8
Class liturgy year 9-11
Class liturgy year 12-13




Class prayers
Prayer planner


Unemployment benefit application
Useful websites
Caritas helping people in need - primary (powerpoint as pdf file)
Notes Caritas primary powerpoint
Caritas seeing the need - secondary (powerpoint)
Notes to Caritas secondary powerpoint


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