Children getting free food from the Fullfill van in Rotorua.


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Social Justice in schools

Photo: John Williams

Social Justice Week (14-20 September 2014) will focus on Catholic social teaching.

Children getting free food from the Fullfill van in Rotorua.

From the end of July, you and your students are invited to become more familiar with the principles of Catholic social teaching (CST) through our new materials, that you can upload below.  It is hoped that students will learn to recognise when these principles are at work, and will be inspired to put them into practice themselves using the See, Judge and Act framework.

The Teachers’ pack has a beautiful picture book (Learning to recognise CST in action Social Justice Week book for Yr 1-6) for primary children that introduces five CST principles and provides examples of New Zealanders living them out.  This book will be the catalyst for discussion around the values that guide our actions.  Children can be encouraged to  create their own similar book about people at school.

Yr 7 - 10 students will receive a card game to play in order to build understanding of CST. 

There are posters, prayer booklets and staff formation opportunities with a booklet containing an inservice meeting and a staff liturgy on CST.

Everyone can access  seven videos, with suggestions as to how students can respond to the ideas in these resources. 

Feel free to invite Caritas education staff to visit your school from August through to October in order to provide either your staff or students with more support in learning about the principles of Catholic social teaching.

Link in to watch the seven CST videos here.




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