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Singout4Justice 2010 winner

Rahul George from St Bede's College, Christchurch won our inaugural Caritas Singout4Justice competition in Lent 2010, with Society's Tale.


 Rahul's comments:

I wrote this song to show people that poverty can be made a thing of the past. If we work together we make a big difference. I created the song by simply singing and playing guitar, I sang whatever I felt about poverty. A person that has inspired me to write about music is Pete Wentz. His lyrics make you (the listener) interpret the lyrics rather than placing them plain out in front of you.

Our judge, Wellington-based singer/songwriter Iva Lamkum, said:

Society's Tale is my first choice. This song writer is talented and inspiring. The lyrics are well written and personally I like writing in metaphoric language and he did that in most of the song. It was very clever, also touching as well.

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