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Justice Leadership Days

Early each year Caritas facilitates whole-day workshops around the country for secondary students responsible for raising awareness of justice and peace issues among their peers. Our next Justice Leadership Days wil be held in February 2016. Details will be posted here closer to the time.

Justice Leadership Days01

Highlights of Justice Leadership Days 2015 days from students:

"I liked the way you organised lots of activities for the day and brought schools together in unity to re-think issues, raise awareness and create personal leaders of justice."

"Everything I learnt was valuable. I can take it back to school to my community and make a difference."

"I really liked how games and fun group tasks were used as a way of educating and inspiring us."

"I now have a better understanding of the amazing work that Caritas does in other countries."

"Today I learnt about the level of poverty and injustice in the world. It has been eye-opening, and has motivated me to start making changes."

"Inspiring day at Caritas. Bring on the Caritas Challenge 2015!"

"It was engaging, with videos and activities that really brought the facts to life."

"After today, I am inspired to try and do something about the scale of poverty and injustice in the world."

"I feel it was the un-sugarcoated truth we needed to hear to go out and make a difference."

"This was a very ‘eye-opening’ day and I can’t wait to get back to school and put the knowledge and skills learnt here into action." 


"Good information and engagement throughout the day."

"Great resources."

"Lots of energy from the presenters and well planned."

"I like the way in which students get motivated and know what they are going to stand for."

For more information on Justice Leadership Days, download the brochure below. For more details of Days in your area, contact us or phone 0800 22 10 22.




Justice Leadership Days

Students playing the jeepney, tricycle and padyak game at a Justice Leadership Day in Christchurch.


Downloadable resources from Justice Leadership Days in 2015

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