High school students constructing a shelter for 'Survive a Slum'.


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Fundraising resources for schools

Caritas has a range of materials to help primary and secondary schools raise funds. 

High school students constructing a shelter for 'Survive a Slum'.

Fundraising ideas

Plenty of ideas for fundraising in Lent and beyond are contained in our Fundraising ideas booklet sent with the Lent resource pack. Ideas include how to celebrate a Global Family Day, and our Caritas K's programme – run, walk, cycle or swim your way to raise funds to help Caritas' work overseas and at home.

Download Fundraising Ideas booklet here

Download Caritas K's sponsorship form here

Can You Cope? challenge

The Can You Cope? Challenge will help students gain a brief sense of the fears others face around the world, learn to empathise, learn how to overcome personal challenges, develop teamwork skills, have some fun, and do something practical to help. The resource booklet has been promoted with our Lent 2012 schools resources. Or online below.

       Download the Can You Cope Challenge booklet here.

Survive a Slum

In this popular fundraising project, students organise to spend one or two nights living out in cardboard shelters and eating simple food. Our booklet provides a complete description and plan on how to go about it. Ideas for sponsorship and lists of what is needed are all provided.

Download Survive a Slum booklet here

Koha Box

Our Koha box can be used for Lent – and throughout the year. They are sent out with our Lent resources for schools each year. More boxes can be ordered from the Caritas office. Phone 0800 22 10 22 or:


Order Caritas schools resources online here.




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