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Submission on Welfare Working Group Options Paper


  • Caritas is disappointed that the Options Paper does not reflect the detail of its submission on the Issues Paper, nor those of other church, beneficiary, or community groups. Indeed, from 260 submissions, the Working Group provides only two pages of summarised feedback.
  • Caritas supports, and urges the Welfare Working Group to examine, the two reports of the Alternative Welfare Working Group.
  • Caritas does not believe that there is a need for urgent reform of the welfare system. Time is needed to adress issues at the macroeconomic and structural level.
  • A commitment to a full employment policy is a necessity.
  • Caritas does not accept that being on a benefit for a year equates to being a "long-term beneficiary".
  • Caritas considers ensuring adequate benefit levels to be the most effective means of reducing the need for supplementary assistance.

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