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Submission on New Zealand Government Draft Universal Periodic Review Report 2009


  • Caritas recommends that further work needs to be done to clarify in this report the place of the Treaty of Waitangi within New Zealand’s constitutional framework.  Despite the draft report’s optimistic view of the influence of the Treaty, in fact the Treaty is easily able to be disregarded by the government’s decision making processes.
  • The report does not appear to reflect possible changes in emphasis and direction in both social spending and overseas development assistance under the present administration.
  • Caritas has concerns that the Bill of Rights assessment has not been a sufficiently robust process to satisfy Church and wider society concerns that legislation which limits human rights is still able to be passed, such as the Foreshore and Seabed Act in 2004 and the Immigration Bill which is expected to be passed shortly.

See also Caritas' original 2008 submission to the UPR.

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