The Catholic Agency for Justice, Peace and Development

Submission on the Immigration Bill 2007


  • Although we accept that the Bill intends to balance security needs with respect for human rights, our assessment is that the Bill fails to adequately protect human rights and does not respect natural justice.
  • We oppose the increased use of undisclosed classified information in the Bill.
  • We are concerned at the removal of appeal provisions in many clauses of the Bill, often on decisions made at a very low level in the Immigration Service.
  • We wish to see the Refugee Status Appeals Authority maintained as a separate Tribunal.
  • We are concerned at the failure to provide a legal framework for DNA testing currently undertaken by the Immigration Service.
  • We support the widening of protection provisions, but wish to see the Bill acknowledge the emerging place of environmental displacement, particularly in our region.

See also the 2006 submission on immigration.

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