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Submission on the Immigration Act Review 2006


  • New Zealand society needs both immigrants who can immediately contribute to our society, and those for whom a compassionate response is required.
  • Caritas is concerned by increasing suspicion of asylum seekers and refugees.
  • We support the use the the term "visa" for all travel authorisation.
  • We are generally satisfied with the proposal to delegate some Ministerial discretion to make positive exceptions to residence policy.
  • We would not support the situation where potentially prejudicial information is not given to applicants so they can respond.
  • We strongly disagree with the proposal to decline an applicant on the basis of classified information without disclosing that information to the applicant.
  • We would be concerned about the potential for error of automated decision making processes.
  • We do not support the inclusion of health and character grounds for exclusion in legislation.
  • In the interests of natural justice, Caritas wishes to see avenues for appeal provided for both on-shore and off-shore decisions.
  • Caritas does not see any difficulties with the storage and use of photographs and fingerprints to prove identity. however, we have serious concerns about the increasing use of DNA tests to prove family relationships.
  • Caritas is concerned about the frequent detention of refugees.

See also the submission on the Immigration Bill 2007.

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