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Submission on the Supplementary Order Paper to the Identity (Citizenship and Travel Documents) Bill 2004


  • Caritas objects strongly to the rushed consultation process surrounding this Supplementary Order Paper.
  • Caritas recommends to the Select Committee that a longer time for submissions be allowed.
  • Caritas urges that an a assessment be made of how this bill matches up with New Zealand's obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • We oppose the amendment which will removal citizenship rights for children born in New Zealand whose parents are not residents or citizens.
  • The changes are likely to cause sever hardship for children and families legally resident in New Zealand.
  • There must be a recognition of children born in New Zealand to non-resident women where the child has been conceived through rape.
  • The changes may cause some women to seek abortions.
  • There is strong potential for some children to be born stateless.

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