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Submission on the Employment Relations Law Reform Bill 2004


  • In summary, we support overall the intention and aims of this Bill.
  • We support measures that strengthen and define “good faith” relationships in the workplace.
  • We support measures that protect very vulnerable groups of workers through protection of their working conditions in the event of transfer to a new employer.
  • We support increased provision for employment relations education and matters which assist the organisation of workers.
  • However, we are concerned about the provision to allow unions and employers to exclude other unions from negotiations.
  • Some provisions may reduce democracy and accountability between unions and members, such as that which allows a ratification procedure to be replaced by prior consent to conclude a settlement.
  • We are concerned about the ability of children to access the employment relations framework. in New Zealand without adequate access to union representation, or proactive investigation of children’s working conditions by the Department of Labour

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