SJW 2012 - boy with bowl


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2012 Social Justice Week parish resources

Social Justice Week 2012 (9-15 September) focused on Our Daily Bread: Putting food on the table. Caritas encouraged people to reflect on what it means to be 'food secure' - to legitimately gain safe and nutritionally adequate food.

SJW 2012 - boy with bowl

Resources for parishes (below) and schools remain available for Social Justice Week 2012.

The core resource booklet Our Daily Bread: Putting food on the table examines food and distributive justice in the light of Catholic social teaching. It poses questions about food and hunger for individual and group reflection.

Resources for schools are available here.

Parish resources

Note: 'Combined set of parish material' below includes the Notes for organising, liturgical material, children's liturgy, prayer, and parish newsletter suggestions, each of which can also be downloaded separately.

Additional booklets, posters, prayer cards can be ordered from the Caritas office using the order form below, or contact us directly.

Our Daily Bread: Putting food on the table (core resource - SJS Series no. 17)




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