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2011 Social Justice Week parish resources

Social Justice Week 2011 (11-18 September) focused on fair play and the common good. It used the sporting metaphor 'on a level playing field' as a vision for a fair society.

Resources prepared for parishes (below) and schools remain available.

The core resource booklet On a level playing field: fair play and the common good examines inequality, fairness and the common good in New Zealand society – in the light of Catholic social teaching. Who wins and who loses, and what makes for an inclusive society offering a ‘win-win’ solution for all?

A summary leaflet Fair Play and the Common Good highlights the key issues – the trend towards inequality in New Zealand society, and the responsibilities of the wealthy to the poor in Scripture and Catholic social teaching.

Additional resources are downloadable o be downloaded below. Resources for schools are available here.

Download parish resources:

On a level playing field: fair play and the common good




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