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Social Justice Week

The Catholic Bishops of New Zealand set aside a week in September for Social Justice Week. In 2015 it runs from 13-19 September, and this year we are looking at family poverty and what it would take for all families in Aotearoa New Zealand to flourish.

SJW 2015 It's our story

According to the 2014 Child Poverty Monitor, 24 per cent of New Zealand families with children experience income poverty. We hope to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges struggling families face today in Aoteraoa New Zealand.

This year for Social Justice Week, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has produced a short documentary - 'Kiwi Families: It's Our Story' - featuring four community groups across Aotearoa New Zealand and the families they walk with. We have had the privilege of capturing a glimpse of what it is like for struggling families in New Zealand today and to hear stories of hope from whānau and communities who are responding.

We invite you to watch this short film while considering what are the issues facing families and whānau in your parish or neighbourhood, and thinking about how are families and communities responding.

What are your responses to the issues faced by whānau in this film?

What does it take for all families to flourish? Mahia! Time to act!


We encourage you to share this story by organising a movie night this Social Justice Week!

Big or small, elaborate or simple, formal or informal, we invite you to make the event your own. Click here for a link to the Discussion and DVD Screening Guide to get some guidance on how to run a movie night, and how to discuss and debate some of the issues shown in the film. .

A DVD copy of the film can also be ordered from the Caritas office by email: or phone: 0800 22 10 22.


Write to your local MP, councillor, decision makers and share with them your top three essentials that you believe every family need in order to flourish.

What are our leaders doing to ensure all families in New Zealand can flourish?


Be the change you want to see! Take some time this week to pray for families that you know who are going through a hard time and listen to how God might be calling you to respond. 

Take the first step to connect - it could be as simple as sharing some baking and a cup of tea!
















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