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Social Justice Week

The Catholic Bishops of New Zealand set aside a week in September for Social Justice Week. In 2015 it runs from 13-19 September. and this year we are looking at family poverty and what it would take for all families in Aotearoa New Zealand to flourish.

Social Justice Week 2015 banner

According to the 2014 Child Poverty Monitor, 24 per cent of New Zealand families with children, experience income poverty. We hope to increase awareness and understanding for the challenges struggling families face today in Aoteraoa New Zealand.

This year we are developing a 20 minute a short documentary, It's our story, featuring four community groups talking about what life is like for struggling families in Aotearoa New Zealand today and the journey to help them thrive. This will be accompanied by a screening and discussion guide, poster, brochure, liturgy and materials for individuals and parishes to use during Social Justice Week.

Resources will be available on this page in the next few weeks.





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