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Lent 2013 resources for parishes

Resources on this page are to help promote the Bishops’ Lent Appeal 2013 in parishes.

Core parish Lenten materials, including the Lenten envelopes, were mailed to parishes January 23-25. 

Caritas Lenten prayers

The Caritas prayers for each of the six weeks of Lent are downloadable below. They are available as a Word document for inserting into parish bulletins or other resources, and as powerpoint slides for projection during Mass and other events.

Speaking about Lent in parishes

If you are speaking about Lent after Communion or in a reflection after the Gospel, the Notes for speaking and Slides for speaking (powerpoint) below will assist you. Please feel free to adapt for your purposes.

Almsgiving and Lent

Notes on the meaning and reason of almsgiving (giving to those in need) in Lent can be downloaded below.

Lent Reflection Programme

English version

Tongan version

Samoan version

Tokelauan version

For queries about the Lent Appeal or use of the resources below, please contact our Lent Campaign Coordinator Maria Sinnott, freephone 0800 22 10 22.

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