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Day of Prayer - Refugees and Migrants

A Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants is set aside each year to fall as close as possible to World Refugee Day on 20 June. Caritas prepares resources for this day on behalf of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.

‘It is necessary to respond to the globalisation of migration with the globalisation of charity and cooperation, in such a way as to make the conditions of migrants more humane. ’

Pope Francis: Message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2015


In 2016, the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants falls on Sunday 19 June.

More than 10 million people are refugees worldwide.  They have crossed borders to escape persecution because of their race, religion, political belief or social group.

More than twice as many – 27.5 million people – live as Internally Displaced People.  Many fled homes for similar reasons to refugees, but have not crossed an international border.

New Zealand accepts 750 refugees each year for resettlement from the places where they first sought asylum. We also accept a very small number of asylum seekers each year. Both quota refugees and asylum seekers are refugees under the Refugee Convention.


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