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Cardinal to launch beneficiary advocacy event in Upper Hutt

Cardinal John Dew will celebrate Mass on Tuesday, May 10 to launch an Archdiocesan ‘Benefit Impact’ event aimed at assisting and advocating for those in the Wellington region on a benefit.

Save Aleppo: Caritas Syria staff report from the city

The battle for the Syrian city of Aleppo has left hundreds of people dead or injured. There have been over 2,300 mortars between 23 April and 3 May.

Picking up the pieces: recovery in Fiji

From remote hillside settlements where families continue to huddle together in a single house, to a village having to manage the devastation in isolation because of a disease quarantine, the effect

Preparedness key to weathering Cyclone Amos in Samoa

Torrential rain, severe winds and pounding sea swells are expected for Samoa as Tropical Cyclone Amos draws near and squares its shoulders for a Category 4 assault, but many communities in the isla

Making an impact on benefits

St Joseph's parish in Upper Hutt will welcome beneficiaries to an Archdiocesan “Benefit Impact” event being hosted by the parish from 10-13 May.

Caritas challenges students and youth to spend 24-hours in solidarity with those less fortunate

A multi-sport challenge, a dance party/rally and a hikoi are just a few of the events being run by Catholic schools and youth groups around the country today and tomorrow to launch the annual Carit

Innovative project to rebuild cyclone-safer houses in Fiji

As people in Fiji rebuild their communities and homes following the destruction caused by Cyclone Winston, an innovative Caritas recovery programme is aiming to ensure homes fare better in the face

Getting the washing done: Fiji life after Cyclone Winston


Written by Mark Mitchell - Humanitarian Programmes Coordinator, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand

Caritas invitation highlights opposition to Easter Sunday trading bill

An invitation to meet with Caritas on Easter Sunday and discuss the social justice agency's opposition to the Shop Hours Amendment Bill has been extended to members of the Commerce Select Committee

Cyclone Winston devastation in Fiji: “worse than we could ever have imagined”

In Fiji, Cyclone Winston reached wind speeds of 325km/hour overnight on Saturday, 20 February.

Preparedness in Tonga key to weathering Cyclone Winston

Training and pre-positioned emergency supplies means that people on the Tongan island of Vava'u are more prepared as they face Cyclone Winston's damaging winds for a second time in just a few days.

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Tutu ana te puehu - Stirring up the dust