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Caritas Update 55 (Summer 2010)

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Learn about a livelihood project running through Caritas partners in Kapo, Papua New Guinea which is providing training in cocoa and coconut production and maintenance, along with financial management skills. Emergency updates on continuing relief efforts in Haiti, where Caritas is helping to build homes and provide education, Indonesia and Pakistan. Read a profile on visiting West Papuan Franciscan brother Budi Hernawen, and an update on the Alternative Welfare Working Group.




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Our spring Update looks at Social Justice Week and its theme of family poverty. Our programmes and humanitarian responses in Darfur and Nepal also...

This month we gladly recieve the Pope's encyclical or letter on the environment, Laudato Si'. READ CARITAS COMPANIONS JUNE 2015

A severe El Nino weather pattern is affecting the Oceania region this year. Beginning in May with many areas reporting little or no rainfall,...

In 2014 Caritas continued to work for social justice in our five strategic areas: reducing poverty, environmental justice, indigenous peoples, crisis...