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Caritas Gifts

Caritas Gifts allow you to support Caritas’ work. When you buy a gift, making a donation on behalf of another, you help transform the lives of individuals, families and communities struggling to overcome poverty and injustice.

What are Caritas Gifts?

Caritas Gifts are a range of virtual gifts that really act as two presents in one. When you buy a Caritas Gift, you will receive a beautifully illustrated card to give to your friend or loved one which explains how their gift can help Caritas’ work for justice, peace and development.

In the meantime, the money you have spent will go into the appropriate Caritas Gifts fund – and help to pay for similar work around the world.


Caritas Gifts for Mothers' Day Sunday 14 May

Why not consider buying Mum one of the Caritas Gfits this Mother's Day? Our Nurture a mother and child gift enables a donation to be made to the Caritas Peace Fund, which supports healthcare, human dignity and justice for all. It is a real example of our work. Every mother deserves to be able to look after herself and her children safely. This gift can help provide healthcare and support to expectant and new mothers living in vulnerable conditions in the Holy Land.

We have a range of other gifts available also. Please order by 8 May, or earlier if you are planning on posting the gift on, to ensure you get your gift in plenty of time.


The funds

Caritas Gifts are set out in four funds:

When you purchase a gift from one of these funds the money you spend supports that area of Caritas’ work.

For example, if you buy the gift of an Emergency kit from the Life Fund, the money you pay goes into that fund and is used to sustain emergency work where it is needed most.

Caritas Gifts are real examples of our work. If you buy or have received the gift of Get your goat, which is part of the Hope Fund, the money from your gift will be spent on development projects.


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