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What your money buys

A little goes a long way

 Your money goes further with us.

We strive to ensure that 85 percent of donor funds goes directly to the people and programmes which need it most, to bring lasting change.

We work directly with our partner organisations on the ground, thus keeping our administration costs minimal. When we help people, we buy as many essential items as we can from within the area we are working, allowing us to feed into the local economy and cut down on unnecessary expenses, such as transportation of goods.

Your money also goes towards building people's technical and social skills – supporting human development, a core part of sustainable development.

Our commitment to you

As a valued donor, you are entitled to:

  • information concerning the projects which Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand supports
  • confidentiality and a choice as to whether you wish to receive correspondence from us
  • transparency in all our accounts and updates.

You have our assurance that we will strive to keep administrative and fundraising costs as low as we reasonably can, to ensure most of your money gets to where it is needed the most.




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