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Lent Appeal

The annual Lent Appeal is run on behalf of New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops. It is our most important Appeal of the year, providing almost half of our public donations.

Our Lenten theme, Open up a Horizon of Hope, comes from Pope Francis’ call to be protectors of creation and one another, particularly the poor and vulnerable.

Last year, your support of the Bishops’ Lent Appeal meant that over $1 million was raised from parishes across the country. This enabled Caritas to respond immediately to disasters in the Philippines, Tonga and Syria. Donations also helped us to support communities to meet their basic survival needs and helped us to speak out for justice, to influence attitudes and create change.

Together, we can again reach $1 million, funds that have the capacity to truly open up horizons of hope for communities in Aotearoa and around the world.

To donate to the Lent Appeal, go to our Donate page.




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